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Why Am I Gaining Weight?!

Help! My Pants Don’t Fit and I’m Gaining Weight From My Workout!

A question I get asked fairly often is, “I’ve been working out a lot lately, so why is my scale going UP instead of DOWN?!  Why am I gaining weight?!”  And I try to give the simplest answer possible: “The scale isn’t giving you the full story.  Pay attention to photos and how your clothes fit.  Stop looking at the number on the…

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This is YOUR life.  It is YOUR responsibility to take control and change your future.  No one else’s but YOURS.  So stop complaining about what’s going wrong and spend that energy trying to find a way to CHANGE IT.  You have no control over what life throws at you, but you are in COMPLETE CONTROL over how you react, what you do with those situations and how you let them shape your life.  

This is your life.  Act like it.

Pass it on 😜

Conquering the mind is the hardest part.  Really, it is, I struggle with it to this day. Some days my mind doesn’t believe that I’ve come as far as I have and still thinks of me as that heavy girl with no hope.  It happens.  Bad days happen, but you CAN convince your mind each day that what you’re doing is working, what you’re doing is important and what you’re doing is going to change your tomorrows. 

If you can get your mind right, the body will follow along.

<3 <3

Today’s session: Push Circuit 1 after my T25.  LOVED IT!  Energized, ready for my day.  Are you lifting heavy??  If you’re not….WHY?!

Blog: Weight Training - Why You NEED To Be Doing It!

Be proud, but never be satisfied.  Life is all about constant improvement.

They really are.  REALLY.  They’re little magic time machines for your body. :)

Setting goals is so important to being successful.  If you never know what you’re working for, how will you know when you’ve reached it?! 

But when you realize that what you’re doing isn’t getting you TO that ultimate goal, it doesn’t mean you should give up!  All it means is that maybe the WAY you’re trying to reach that goal isn’t working.  You CAN and WILL have everything you work for, but you may have to do a little trial and error testing to find the right way to go.  

There are a million routes to get from point A to point B.  Not everyone is going to take the same one.  Each one will take a different amount of time.  Each one has its obstacles.  But all of them will get you there!

I am.  Are you? 

I don’t want to be the same as everyone else.  I don’t want to be “middle of the road.”  I want to push myself to be the BEST I can be.  Is that you?