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An interesting little graphic for anyone who has EVER pondered that very question :)

YESSSSSSS :) Happy Hump Day All :)

Get serious pump with me starting 11/3! 

THIS WOMAN. She and I are so much alike it’s scary.  You know….except I don’t have her figure.  I am, however, in AWE of her figure.  She is my motivation.  I watch her, and I just want to work harder and harder.  And then I hear her talk and watch her, see her personality…and I think “oh my god she’s ME!”  Yep.  She’s my much more muscular twin.  I’ve even had that haircut like eight times in the last 10 years. ;)

No one cares about your EXCUSES but YOU, so shut up and get to WORK! :)  And hey, even if your “excuse” is “a real reason,” that doesn’t excuse you from work, it only changes your approach.  

"I can’t do leg day today because I broke my foot."  Ok that’s fine.  Go do some shoulder work.  

"I can’t work out because I can’t afford that program you recommended."  Fine, go outside and use the world around you as a gym.  IT’S FREE.

There’s no such thing as an excuse to DO NOTHING!! 

Happy #transformationtuesday all ❤️ if you’re having trouble staying #motivated, don’t forget to take a look back at how far you’ve come! It’s been a long journey for me, but #beachbody has been there the whole time, and I’ve never been more #thankful. This company changed my life both in #fitness and in #finance. From over 200 lbs and broke to 135 and stable, I’ve made it happen, and you can too: it just takes hard work and effort! Love yourself, find accountability and motivation and GET TO IT! 😎 I’m here to help you! Leave your email below or visit my blog (link at the top) to talk anytime 😊 #fit #fitness #fitgirls #fitfamily #beforeandafter #transformation #healthy #weightloss #healthychoices #beachbodycoach #t25 #turbojam #p90x #insanity #shakeology #nutrition #turbofire #chaleanextreme #love #abs (at

You decide what’s important to you.  And every morning I decide between a workout and sleep.  And guess what….sometimes sleep wins.  But that doesn’t mean I blow the damn thing off, it means I do it when I get home from work.  Does it mean I can’t get other things done…like laundry, watching Monday Night Football, going out to dinner, etc?  Yep, that’s exactly what it means sometimes.  But once again, if you WANT something, you get up and WORK for it!

No more excuses “why you can’t do something!” From here on out it’s all about HOW MANY REASONS WHY YOU CAN!

You will.  You will because you love yourself enough to do these things.  YOU WILL.

change YOU first!  

change your own self, your own personal world…and the exterior world will suddenly start to shift…whether it’s in your head or things actually changing doesn’t matter.  It’s all about how it affects your life, right? :)

PiYo Review – Week 3

PiYo Review: Big Changes in Week #3

It’s PiYo review time!  Woo hoo!  So let’s start with this:  If you follow me on social media, you probably saw the CRAZY AWESOME pictures of my “day 1″ and “day 15″ photos side by side.  I was BLOWN AWAY by the difference in my body in just 14 days!  Well guess what, 21 days…it’s even MORE amazing!  If you’d like to see a side by side of day 1 and day 21,…

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