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I love this!!  HAVE PATIENCE! Work hard, but don’t expect INSTANT results.  It didn’t take you a week to get out of shape, why would you think it will take you a week to get into your best shape?  It takes TIME, DEDICATION, HARD WORK AND NEVER GIVING UP!

Don’t run from your fears, FACE THEM.

Whether it’s in the gym, on the street, in your living room or on the field…TRAIN HARD! :)  Do what you gotta do, do what needs to be done!  Get it in, get it done and be PROUD of all you accomplish! You are amazing!

Anybody else know some people you’d like to tell this to….daily?!  

The ones who are so busy trying to cut down YOUR dreams that they “have no time” to work on their own?  

Yeah, we all know a few.  Ignore them.  Don’t let people like that suck up YOUR time and energy!

One of my messages is that no matter where you’re starting, that doesn’t have to be where you finish.  No matter where you are now, if you put in the work, your capability for change is ENDLESS.  

As someone who used to weigh in OVER 210 LBS, I know it’s hard, it’s work, it’s time consuming, and it’s frustrating at times.  But keep going, because you CAN DO IT! :)

You can read my story here: From 210+ to 135 - Melissa’s Story

Amen!  Stop making excuses!  That’s the only thing that’s standing in your way! No matter your “reason” for not doing something, THERE IS A WAY AROUND IT!  Modifications, different paths, different timing, SO MANY OPTIONS.  It’s up to you to find the one that works for you!  But you have to KEEP TRYING, no matter WHAT! 

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Any little progress is still progress, and it’s still leading you in the direction of success.  Even the failures along the way are leading you to success.  Keep track of your progress, no matter how large or small.