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What do you think those “feminine curves” are made from?  Bone?  Fat?  Would you REALLY want to build your curves from either one of those?  Come on.  Build up some muscle.  Don’t be afraid, ladies.  Unless you’re pumping in some extra testosterone, you’re not going to “bulk up” or “look like a dude.”  Go lift some heavy shit and emphasize your CURVES by making them FIRM, FIT AND STRONG!

Just because it’s not Monday doesn’t mean you can’t start over!

Set goals, break them down, figure out what you need to do and when, and GET TO WORK! :)

…and stop comparing your “beginning” to someone else’s “middle” or even their “end result.”  Be a beginner!  Allow yourself that luxury!  Build, grow, learn, take your time, do things the right way, stay patient and in time it will ALL come together.  

If it’s easy when you START…that means it wasn’t enough of a challenge in the first place!

No shortcuts, NO EXCUSES!

If you want it, work for it.  Take the most direct road.  The shortcuts may be tempting, and giving up may sound like the only option sometimes, but keep moving.  It’s going to be hard, it’s going to challenge you, but the end result is WORTH IT!

It’s your life. You’re in control of your happiness.

Sad but true, isn’t it?  Not everyone in your life REALLY IS going to be happy to see you succeed. As you make your own journey, you’ll start to see who those people are.  And it’s up to you to distance yourself from them.  It doesn’t mean cutting them out completely….at least not necessarily.  It means putting more distance between yourself and their negativity.  It means creating more space for the people who DO want to see you succeed.  Spend more time with people who lift you up, make you feel successful and challenge you to be more.  Spend less time with the ones who drag you down and make you feel guilty for trying to improve!

It took me a LONG time to really embrace this concept. I’d rather work TWICE as hard now to build the life I want…than work half as hard for the rest of my life, building the dream of someone else and being miserable.  I want MY LIFE to be MINE. 

Focus on the healthy!  If you focus on building a healthier, stronger body, the weight loss will take care of itself!  Just focus on your health.  It’s a more important aspect of this whole “fitness” thing anyway ;)

This is true with everything, isn’t it?  You don’t give up on your job because of a bad day…you go home, whine about it, take out the aggression, get a good night of sleep and go back for the next day.  Sometimes with the attitude of “I’m going to kick today’s ass,” and sometimes with the attitude of “oh god what is going to happen today?” But the point is that you came BACK.  Bad days happen.  Even in fitness….no, ESPECIALLY in fitness.  Keep going :)