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Because you CAN.

Championships are made well before the event! Amen! :)

Join me on 11/3 and become your own champion!

Good day?  Bad Day?  Doesn’t matter, just give 100%.  Your 100% may be different today than it will be tomorrow.  But give 100% today.  Worry about tomorrow…tomorrow.  Don’t worry about yesterday because it’s gone.  Get up, get moving, don’t ever stop.

PiYo Review – Week 5

PiYo Review: Month 2 begins – Week #5

Week 5 is over, and I have to say it was one of my most successful yet.  I feel like even on the days where things aren’t “perfect,” I’m still headed in the right direction, and that’s pretty cool.  Just like any journey, this one has good days and bad days, and if you learn to balance them and not let the bad ones derail you, the results show up.  During…

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Give your all every time!

You can’t do what you’ve always done if you want to see a different result.  To change your life you have to change your habits.


Hit the 90 lb mark today. It’s been a LONG journey of ups and downs, but when you have a goal, time is just another part of the process. It’s been 8 years since that first photo. Don’t ever give up! Even if it takes 10 years, if you just keep going, you’ll be happy you did! The time will pass no matter what. Why not make it worth your while?

Ugh, those LEGS!!! <3 <3 <3 
Is it Body Beast time yet?!  Mine shows up Tuesday :) CAN’T WAIT.

Ugh, those LEGS!!! <3 <3 <3 

Is it Body Beast time yet?!  Mine shows up Tuesday :) CAN’T WAIT.

I have a weekend of lots of crazy things, including a retirement party that features belly dancers, pig roasts, fireworks and Rumchata cheesecake shots.  Yep.  My dad’s retirement party.  (“Let me tell you a little about how Goodrichs party….”) But it’s not going to derail me, that’s for sure! :)  Can’t wait for an amazing weekend with my family and my wonderful man.  I hope your weekend is equally as great!